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Prolific Poets

"Angel" (L.M. Desanto)

Michael McNeilley - Olympia, Washington

Ben Ohmart - New York


Poetry Sites & Collections

Zero City - ground zero for explosive poetry.

Sara's Writing Loft - collection and tips for writers.

Moonshade Magazine - an e-zine and printed zine of poetry and art.

Fresh Hot Writing - an online editing workshop for writers.

Real Poetik - a little magazine of the vernacular, quotidian, witty and postmodern.

Tradition - poetry for the passionate, the insane, and the intoxicated.

Third Phoenix - an open publication, freeing poems, sketches, short stories, rants, and overall brain static.

The Poet's Edge - quarterly print publication promoting the work of poets, writers and visual artists.

The Open Scroll - poetry, prose, and literary magazine dedicated to the freedom of art in the pursuit of passion.

Poetry Hi-Fi - poetry from left of the dial. Features text and audio readings.

Reckless Angel - specializes in the cutting edge of poetry, brilliance, and insanity.

Art Bar - The Wednesday reading series at the Imperial Pub Library in Toronto .


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