The Concept of Status Conferral in the "Climate of Opinion"

The concept of status conferral applied to advertising, relates that high levels of ad frequency of a product or brand result in a consumer perception of such products as being the "most popular" in the market. As a product or brand receives extensive media attention, the public operates under the presumption that the product or brand retains "status" (Sutherland and Galloway, 27). Consequently, this perceived status functions to direct the opinions of consumers in regards to a particular product or brand. Consumers base their opinions of products and brands on the opinions of other consumers which, in turn, affect the purchasing decisions in all consumers(behavioral outcomes). This "climate of opinion," as labeled by Noelle-Neumann in her research (1974, 1977), operates to further link salience and behavior outcomes:

Hence, advertising frequency (media emphasis) signals to consumers those brands in a product category that are acceptable and popular in the public mind and acts as a prompt for consumers in their purchase decision-making process.

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