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Over the years, our efforts have taken on many shapes and forms, but we've always had one clear focus; providing you with the opportunity to liberate your words. Use it.

Contributors are anyone in the global community, real or not, online and off. Chances are, it's beyond you or you have no sense of humour.

We emphasize free thinking that incites the development and evolution of the individual through liberation. We encourage you to question authority and ask, "Why?" To be subversive, countercultural, or traditional; whatever it takes for you to develop the greatest capacities of your intellect. DADA..majick...paranoia..chaos..art...

It's all nonsense anyways...


BTW I have no relation to Bianca or hold any responsibilty for the uncanny resemblance. While I'm at it, no opinion expressed in here is necessarily even mine.... or valid for that matter, so chill...


With Love,

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