We made History

As it was recorded in Gene J's Diary:


The Classic Years



June 22, 1993 @ 2:00a.m.

Brent and I decide to take over Prairie.


June 24, 1993 @ 1:00a.m.

Brent concieves "The Book of Doug"

[Doug was a pretend diety that Brent made up in humor, and to point out a few lessions about religion and it's effect on society. It's became one of the reasons we got busted. Brent's Doug has since remained silent to this day. I find it ironic.]


June 27, 1993 @ 2:00a.m.

Brent, Lowell, and myself form a conspiracy to take over PHS.

Concieved the idea of producing an underground magazine .


July 27, 1993 @ 11:30p.m.

First issue of "Under Ground Parking" created.


October 2, 1993

The Tabra concert: "You guys are soooo imature!"


October 3, 1993

"The Alternative Voice" 8 pages 30 copies.


November 19, 1993

"K is for Quality" 12 pages 100 copies.

Gene J. Stroner and Mr. Q introduced.

[Mr. Q. was the creation of Jay Martin back in the days when deep thoughts was actually funny. No not Jay Marvin, he thinks our 'zine sucks. Mr. Q is in honor of Querengesser; an extremist worthy of mockery. There were even rumours about goats. So Jay made up tons of hillariously stupid quotes and I stuck a clip art face on it, I think the picture was of some missionary named Benjamin Davidson.]


December 14, 1993

Gene J. Stroner's 16th Birthday.


December 14, 1993

"Santa's a Scam" 12 pages 110 copies.


December 16, 1993

Monte Couse (Teacher) obtained a copy.


January 4, 1994

The Inquisition with Mr. Couse, Mr. Enns, & Mr. Wiebe


January 5, 1994

Mr. Downs (principal) demands fV to merge with the school's "Prairie Highlights" paper.


January 11, 1994

Student Life debates the future of fV.


January 17, 1994

Mr. Enns assigned to be our official censor.


January 19, 1994

"The All New Diet free Verse" 16 pages 100 copies.


February 10, 1994

Jay put "wham bam thankyou mam" in the title of a poem...censored


February 11, 1994

Gene J. writes,

"I've never been so tired! I produced two pieces of award winning literature in one night!


February 14, 1994

"The Love Issue" 12 pages 150 copies


February 28, 1994

"freedom is forever" 100 pens @ $5 ea.


March 2, 1994

"We'll Blow Your Mind" Posters 100 copies


March 3, 1994

Mr. Down removes "Blow Your Mind" posters. Demanded the words "screaming, isolation, lonelyness, tension, conflict, death, lies, sadness, pain, sorrow, depression, darkness, evil, wrath, & chaos" to be censored, because it reminded him of "Rock Music". The posters for the fake clubs were also removed that day.


March 14, 1994

"Looking for fphoc"

[whatever the hell that means]


March 17, 1994

"The Game" is afoot- an attempt on Richard. By friday Ryan, Korny, and Daryll are dead.


March 20, 1994

D. Schultz (Residence Dean) says that his dorm is not a democracy. He states that it is, "an Authoritarian society". He feels morally justified to destroy music and posters that does not conform to his expectations.

"They can take me to court if they want," he says.


June 16, 1994

The "last" issue designed. Never completed.

Was to include "Gossip by K.C.", What's In & What's Out, Fashion Tips, The Internet, Rewiew of "The Game", and an Exclusive Interview with Dakota Motor Co.


December 14, 1994

Gene J's 17th Birthday


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