The Global Years

International and Truely Free



November 23, 1995

fV1.6 "The anxiously awated March issue" 37kb



December 14, 1995

Gene J's 18th Birthday


January 5, 1996

Gene J. Stroner informed Bianca of her evil twin.


January 8, 1996

New "global" logo designed with Illustrator.


January 9, 1996

New logo translated into an ASCII image.


January 10, 1996

fV1.7 " IN STEREO where available" 27kb


January 20, 1996

"f r e e V e r s e Online" Our first web page designed. It lasted three months.


February 6, 1996

fv1.8 "J U S T O N E B I G T E C H N O L O G I C A L A P P E N D A G E "


February 9, 1996

fv1.9 "W E L C O M E T O T H E J I L T E D G E N E R A T I O N"


March 24, 1996

Discovered our sister 'zine, "Freeverse" on the net. Created by Simon King in the lower Michigan area.


October 3, 1996

Recieved email from Bianca.


December 14, 1996

Gene J's 19th Birthday


November 26, 1997

New logos rendered in Photoshop for the new web page.


November 30, 1997

Completed new web site, registered email address: ""

Uploaded site to host @


December 14, 1997

Gene J's 20th Birthday.


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